Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Work Location: California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 03-18-2013

Salary: 50,000 - 70,000 USD / Annually


Job Description


This position is responsible for development and improvement of all production processes; management of all support processes from vendor/partners to meet efficient on-time deliveries.

Job Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities:

·       Development and improvement of production processes and assembly techniques

·       Efficient design of production facilities

·       Proactive planning and organization of resources for the daily production plan

·       Development and improvement of work instructions

·       Improvement of material flow, testing, and assembly operations

·       Active support of real-time response to customer-related priorities

·       Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements

Key Requirements:

·       BSEE and training in electronics assembly manufacturing

·       Solid electronics and electromechanical final product hands-on manufacturing experience

·       Successful track record establishing detailed and efficient manufacturing processes

·       Implementation of modern techniques for excellence in quality and efficiency

·       AutoCAD experience for wiring diagrams, harness, and sheet metal design

·       Self-motivation, high energy, ability to work independently

·       Experience with UPS or other power supply manufacturing is a plus


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